InnovTech 2019

About InnovTech

As from this year, Infotech will be branded as InnovTech with more focus on Innovation in the ICT sector. This year, there will be a dedicated area for B2B, B2C and Education/SMEs in the main Exhibition hall. It is wise to be noted that the exhibition part of the event, where sales are allowed, will be maintained as this is the only ICT event in Mauritius that is open to everybody. Furthermore, it falls under the NCB’s mandate to develop and promote ICT and ICT related services in Mauritius.

InnovTech will also comprise of an Innovation Demo Area which is in line with Government’s vision to move upscale to a Smart an Innovative Mauritius. Technologies such as AI, 3D Printing, IoT, Coding for Kids, Virtual Reality and Robotics will be demonstrated. The event will also host targeted conferences towards start-ups and students of the secondary and tertiary institutions. Coding to primary and secondary students will be carried out in the NCB Cyber Caravans. A gaming arena which has proved to be very popular among younsters will be hosted during the event. Over 100,000 people are expected to visit the event.


InnovTech is organised with the objectives to:

    Provide information on developments and achievements in the ICT sector;

    Create awareness on emerging technologies;

    Demonstrate and promote local talents, expertise, know-how;

    Sensitise on the potential applications of ICT and choice of technology for effective business and individual solutions;

    Offer a meeting platform for local ICT operators to develop collaboration and deals with potential technology partners and customers;

    Sensitise on career opportunities and facilitate the recruitment process in the ICT sector; and

    Showcase innovative tools and technologies to encourage start-ups and students.

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