InnovTech 2019

About the Conferences

InnovTech conferences will be held over two days of the event i.e. on Thursday 19 September 2019 to Friday 20 September 2019 in the conference hall at the SVICC, Pailles. The proposed participation of a few international speakers is being considered.

A youth forum will be organised on the Thursday afternoon. The audience for this forum will be secondary students of Grade 9, 11 and 13 accompanied by their educators as the aim of the event will be to showcase the amplitude of opportunities when embracing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. Attendees will be inspired to learn about the career opportunities which are encompassed to ICT and Science.

It is proposed to invite role models in the field of ICT, as speakers to address the young audience, furthermore it is envisaged to call upon the Mauritian diaspora to motivate students in opting for ICT as a career choice.

The second day will be a half-day, morning, conference will be geared towards Emerging Technologies such as AI. Attendees will be enlightened on a more profound conceptual knowledge on these technologies which is in line with the Government’s objectives of making Mauritius a SMART country and positions it as the ideal Innovation hub of the region.

A half-day afternoon conference will be focused on Startups. Several champions in this field as well as Industry associations will be invited. Besides this, representatives of Governmental institutions will be invited to enlighten startups on the various facilities which are offered to them.

For the first time, a round table discussion will be organised during the conference. The idea of organizing the round table will be to collect important information from startups, like for example the hassles that they face to be able to survive in the market. On the other hand, panelists and Governmental representatives will provide valuable inputs on how to address the issues faced by startups. Finally, a recommendation report with concrete action lines for a better ecosystem for startups will be submitted to Government.

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